What We Do

So you’ve written a book. And you think it’s in pretty good shape, but you’d like to get another set of eyes on it before you start querying agents. Maybe you’re not feeling quite that confident yet, and you suspect your book might need a more thorough edit, or even a coach to help you realize your book’s full potential.


Or perhaps you have a story you want to tell. But you don’t think you’re necessarily the one to tell it. You don’t have the time to sit down and write the whole thing yourself but would love to find a partner to help bring your vision to life.


Or you’ve come to this website at someone else’s recommendation, and you don’t really get the point of hiring a coach or a private editor. If your idea is good and the manuscript needs some work, wouldn’t a smart agent be willing to take that on? Isn’t that what editors at publishing houses do anyway, help mold a promising Manuscript into a best-seller or critically acclaimed work of literature?


Sadly, in today’s ultra-competitive publishing environment, most agents and editors simply do not have the time to shape rough diamonds from unknown authors into polished, sellable gems. They are looking for “turnkey” books that are already in as close to publishable shape as they can find.


And that’s what we are here to help you do – craft your best book to increase your odds of success in this very challenging marketplace. We are all multi-published authors with track records of accomplishments and a lot of published work. We also work as editors, teachers, contest judges, book doctors, ghost-writers and slush pile serfs. Our team writes a wide variety of genres and understands those conventions, as well as recognizing too common tropes and clichés. And we genuinely enjoy helping writers find their voice and hone their craft.



Manuscript review

Creative and line editing


Query letters





All of our clients have unique needs. Our pricing structure reflects that. We work at rates comparable to other writing professionals in the industry, but the best way to determine scope and cost for your project is simply to reach out, start a conversation, and we will be happy to work with you on budget, work timeline, and expectations.