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So you’ve written a book. And you think it’s in pretty good shape, but you’d like to get another set of eyes on it before you start querying agents. Maybe you’re not feeling quite that confident yet, and you suspect your book might need a more thorough edit or even a coach to help you realize your book’s full potential.


Or perhaps you have a story you want to tell. But you don’t think you’re necessarily the one to tell it. You don’t have the time to sit down and write the whole thing yourself but would love to find a partner to help bring your vision to life.


Or you’ve come to this website at someone else’s recommendation, and you don’t really get the point of hiring a coach or a private editor. If your idea is good and the manuscript needs some work, wouldn’t a smart agent be willing to take that on? Isn’t that what editors at publishing houses do anyway, help mold a promising MS into a best-seller or critically acclaimed work of literature?

Sadly, in today’s ultra-competitive publishing environment, most agents and editors simply do not have the time to shape rough diamonds from unknown authors into polished, sellable gems. They are looking for “turnkey” books that are already in as close to publishable shape as they can find...




Lisa Brackmann


Benjamin Buchholz


Dana Fredsti


"Lisa Brackmann is one of my favorite authors, whose novels deliver on multiple levels, and I’m not surprised to discover she also has great talent for evaluating the writing of others. Her feedback on my novel-in-progress was as full of deep insights and straight talk as her own stories. She quickly grasped my intent and identified practical opportunities for improvement. I now have a strong sense of the work needed to take my story to the next level and create a much more publishable book. I highly recommend her services to writers eager for a professional eye on their work." – Cara Lopez Lee 

"Like many people, life has put me in a few extraordinary situations.  I’m not a writer, but as a cathartic exercise, I decided to write about these events.  Artist that he is, Ben was able to take my undisciplined musings, and craft them into a piece of literature.  Whether you’re a mere novice, or published novelist, Ben’s attention to detail and unpretentious yet precise dedication to the written word will enhance any author’s project."--Kevin Mahoney

"Dana Fredsti is a superb editor. She has a sharp eye, solid insights, and she brings a professional author’s sensibilities and knowledge to her structural edits. I’ve been using her for years and give her my highest recommendation." –Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of V-WARS and RAGE

"I had been writing articles for magazines for years. When I decided to try my hand at fiction, Dana Fredsti’s advice and insights were invaluable. if you want to see how to write excellent fiction, get and read any of Dana‘s books." -- Jack Taylor

"Lisa, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you've done--one of the sharpest, most perceptive readings anyone has given one of my mss! I see exactly what you mean about the mushy middle, which I've been worrying about for a while, and this helps me clarify what to do in revision, as do your many other comments and suggestions. Again, enormously appreciated." -- Bruce Holsinger, author of The Gifted School